Based in the bay of St.Ouen, there is plenty of room to roam.



We have designed a wide range of fun and engaging activities that will be outdoor-based in St Ouen's Bay National Park. Activities such as the following will be included in the camp, but may vary, dependent on availability, weather, tides, and the children’s preferences


Wildlife wanders & Rock pool rambles

  • Get up-close to some of Jersey’s rare flagship species such as green lizards slow worms and toads so children can see them and be educated properly;
  • Learn from experts about the many different habitats found in the bay, and the amazing animals that live here;
  • Rummage in rock-pools and collect insects from the dunes to identify and learn about.

You’ll be amazed on the ecological knowledge and facts the children will pick up during the week!


Creativity and crafts

  • Work with local artists to create astonishing artwork using nature as inspiration and natural materials;
  • Build a bat, bird box or insect hotel to take home


exploration and investigation

  • Use your full range of senses to explore the world around you and go on exciting scavenger hunts;
  • Discover how plants and animals have cleverly adapted to live in their habitats;
  • Learn about their tricks of stealth, camouflage and disguise and put these into practice!

Learn about the sea, surf and how to stay safe whilst having fun!



survival camp and craft

  • Learn how to build shelters and dens in the woods
  • Master survival techniques and forage for wild growing plants that are edible and good for you (no bug eating necessary!)


Surfing / boogie boarding

  • Half a day surf lesson with Little Joe’s surf camp, including wetsuits and boards (to be confirmed and subject to tides / weather)



  • A fun yoga and sensory session especially for kids teaching them how to appreciate their bodies and still their minds (TBC)
  • A meditation and mindfulness session outside to slow down and become present


Giving Back

  • An activity such a beach clean or habitat management
  • Understand the importance of our natural habitats and how to care for and enhance them.


Want to come along?